August 05, 2009

Score One For Safety -- Like A Rice Filled Bird, You Explode

I couldn't find a legitimate cover for this album because this band was pretty small and then they broke up. It's still a good EP though.

Personally, I come from the school where if a song is longer than five minutes, it had better be good. I'm also a fan of lulzy song titles. Score One For Safety's "Put On Firebird Baby, 'Cause We're Gonna Do It For 14 Minutes" fulfills both these requirements. This song is a mixture of lo-fi screamy screams and borderline ambient guitar work. When combined, these mix with the drums to create a track that does a really good job of mastering the hard/soft movement that has been happening in emo music lately. The other songs on here ain't bad either, and "Kid Vs Comet" is actually really good as well.

I know I didn't write a lot, but I have to get up early tomorrow. I mean, I'm updating again and that should be enough. :|

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  1. Have a listen to All The Empires Of The World, as the guitarist is in that band now, they're pretty fucking good!