April 21, 2009

Round 2

I'm still nowhere near recovered from losing all my music a week or so ago, but I'm going to try and start uploading and posting again soon, hopefully within the next week. I apologize for this, but I really haven't had much to share at all. I had about one gigabyte out of 70 backed up. I know it's dumb, which is why afterwards, I promptly purchased a one terabyte hard drive for just over $150. Good deal.

April 13, 2009

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass -- Cash, Money, Etc.

I'm sorry for not writing more, but all my files were just deleted off my iPod and none of them were backed up.

April 08, 2009

The Exploding Ticket -- In Flanders Fields

You know all those kids out there who try and imitate The Mountain Goats? Well, this guy actually does a pretty good job of it. 'Cristero War 1926' legitimately sounds like a John Darnielle song, which is a good thing. He follows John's formula pretty closely, understated guitar, literate lyrics, and a wide base of song narrators. In my opinion, there is not an unlistenable song on this album, although there are points where the lyrics seem to be shoved in or stumble over themselves in a lyric. That somehow makes it seem extremely genuine, however, and if you close your eyes, it almost feels like he's playing and singing his songs in the corner of the warm, comfortable room you just happen to be sitting in.
This guy sent me his music over last.fm a few months ago, and when I went to ask him permission to share this, I discovered that he has actually been in basic training for the Army the last few months, and won't be back for a while. How awesome would it be if you got this, listened to it, and threw a couple listens his way on last.fm?

April 07, 2009

Psychedelic Horseshit -- Magic Flowers Droned

Really cool local band playing fuzzed-out, noisy shitgaze.
From the BenCo Presents website:
"I never thought I would find the courage to disgrace a complete scene of music, but shitgaze really is abysmal. Another of these silhouettes of shite is ‘Psychedelic Horseshit’, I mean seriously which member of the band was drunk when that name was conjured up. ‘New Wave Hippies’ sounds like a toddler playing with something that has thousands of buttons. The guitars are scratchy, and deliberately out of tune. It’s almost as if this band has gone out of its way to completely undermine every musical co
nvention every proposed. This band is either a load of idiots on speed who suddenly thought they could play music while tripping, and sounds like a very massive pile of utter drunken shit, or it’s just some very clever chimpanzee’s who’ve evolved and suddenly realise they ‘might’ be able to play some music. In one song, ‘Bad Vibrations’ the vocalist literally says over and over again ‘ahhoooowaaaooo oooo oooo oooooooo’. I’ve actually given up on summing up this utterly pointless way of life. I would rather shave all of the hair off on my body and commit myself to a life of celibacy and become a neo-Nazi. My flat mate has put this review out of its misery and very kindly summed up this entire music scene in two words, ‘utter bollocks’."
Matt Whitehurst's (Psychedelic Horseshit member) take on shitgaze, lo-fi, Wavves, Vivian Girls, No Age, Times New Viking, and Matador Records.

April 05, 2009

Bill Callahan -- Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle

I don't want to sound cliche, but this album may be one of the best of 2009 already. Granted, I haven't heard the new Casiotone For The Painfully Alone or the (fingers crossed) new Circle Takes The Square album, but this should come in close to the top. This album is full of gentle folk songs slowly leaking from Bill Callahan's mouth like syrup that keep you absolutely entranced. The man also has a perfect sense of timing and knows when to sing and when to just let the music do the talking. Amazon Music (lolololol) put it very when when they described the album as "[u]nfolding like a first view of paradise, then a slightly less ecstatic second view of paradise and then finally a glance back over your shoulder at that stupid paradise bullshit". Be sure to get this and listen to every song. 'Eid Ma Clack Shaw' and 'All Thoughts Are Prey To Some Beast' are my favorites.


So, by now I'm sure that you've seen the shout-out I got on Shock Mountain and you're here because of it.
1. James O'Malley is, in return, my favorite person on the internet. He's a really great guy.
2. I apologize for only having posted two albums, but I've been on Spring Break this week, so I've been out of the house and away from my computer. I fully intend on keeping this blog up and providing you guys with awesome music. To set a timetable, I'll probably post about an album a day.

Again, any requests can be sent to badwaves@gmail.com

April 02, 2009

Team Robespierre -- Everything's Perfect

Fast, dancy, loud punk from New York. I saw these guys a few days ago in a nasty bar in the 614. Most of the band ended up playing on the floor and running into the crowd at random points. This meant that most of the crowd, including myself, was really getting into it. Throughout the show, I danced aimlessly throughout the crowd, concerned only with having fun. It seemed like everyone else that was dancing had the exact same mindset. Try it out, and I hope you have as much fun as I did. Plus, these guys are all super nice.

April 01, 2009


This is a music blog.
I will post music here.
It will be, in my opinion, good music.
Thank you.