April 08, 2009

The Exploding Ticket -- In Flanders Fields

You know all those kids out there who try and imitate The Mountain Goats? Well, this guy actually does a pretty good job of it. 'Cristero War 1926' legitimately sounds like a John Darnielle song, which is a good thing. He follows John's formula pretty closely, understated guitar, literate lyrics, and a wide base of song narrators. In my opinion, there is not an unlistenable song on this album, although there are points where the lyrics seem to be shoved in or stumble over themselves in a lyric. That somehow makes it seem extremely genuine, however, and if you close your eyes, it almost feels like he's playing and singing his songs in the corner of the warm, comfortable room you just happen to be sitting in.
This guy sent me his music over last.fm a few months ago, and when I went to ask him permission to share this, I discovered that he has actually been in basic training for the Army the last few months, and won't be back for a while. How awesome would it be if you got this, listened to it, and threw a couple listens his way on last.fm?


  1. Cristero is my favorite Exploding Ticket song. His music has a way of transforming its flaws into endearing qualities, stumbling lyrics and otherwise.

  2. Not as awesome as it would be if he weren't going to war.

  3. You're right. Everyone go write protest messages in his shoutbox.