August 11, 2009

Greenhouse Effect -- Columbus or Bust/Greenhouse Effect vs Radiohead

I really hope that formatting turned out correctly. I'm posting both albums here, so clicking on the album cover will take you to the download for that album.

Anyway, earlier today, I played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 for quite a while, and I realized that the soundtrack for that game may just be the one thing that got me into hip-hop. KRS-One, Redman, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Xzibit, if they threw some Beastie Boys on there, it would have completed my younger self. As my life progressed, I began to listen to get into Def Jux, Doomtree, Rhymesayers, stuff on those labels. Eventually, like any good white boy, I began to listen to Aesop Rock. On Aesop Rock's awesome album
Labor Days, a rapper called Illogic makes a guest appearance. Listening to Illogic got me to start to emerge myself into the Columbus hip-hop scene, and this led to me discovering Greenhouse Effect (by means of my Chinese teacher in high school).

Greenhouse Effect is made up of Columbus MCs Blueprint and Fess (actually, it's more of a rotating crew with Blueprint being the only constant member), with beats provided by DJ Bombay. (I kind of stopped writing here and ended up looking at pictures of Red Pandas for 10 minutes. Sooooo cuuuutttttteeeee!) Hard-hitting rhymes, pounding bass beats, and solid extra instrumentation is thrown together on
Columbus or Bust, an album which glorfies my home city of the 614. Greenhouse Effect vs Radiohead is, however, the Greenhouse MCs rapping over samples and loops of Radiohead material.

Alright, seriously, I've been looking at pictures of aardvarks and anteaters and mandrills for too long and I can't concentrate. Post done.

PS What's your favorite adorable zoo animal?

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  1. i love polar bears. i went to the bronx zoo last summer and there was this one polar bear playing with a red rubber ball, it was so cuuuute :3